Personal Training

Reach customizes a unique personal training program designed for you. 

Every component of your program is unique and takes your health, injury history, goals, lifestyle and personality into consideration to ensure long-term fitness success.



  • Complimentary 1-hour consultation
  • Customized fitness strategy to help achieve your goals
  • Face-to-face personal training sessions
  • Virtual training and telecoaching sessions 


30 Minute Session $45

45 Minute Session $65

60 Minute Session $85


30 Minute Session $65

Discounted monthly rates are available for ongoing training.


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Exercise helps us live longer and have a higher quality of life.  It enables us to do more of the things we enjoy, fend off illness and enhance mental and emotional functioning.  No matter what activities are important to us, having a body that functions at it’s best will enhance our experience.

Our trainers will assess your movement and screen for dysfunctions and imbalances that can have a negative impact on the function or lead to injuries of the body, if ignored.  We incorporate corrective exercises to address potential issues while still training for your goals.

A stronger, healthier body is something that can be accomplished at any age.  Similar to saving for retirement, it’s never too soon or too late to start investing in yourself so you can live better longer.

Sports Performance Conditioning

Swimmers racing in an olympic sized pool

Physical preparation for sport allows an athlete to perform at the best of their abilities as well as keep them healthy and playing.

Introducing a strength and conditioning program to younger athletes has great benefits for setting up a strong foundation for their athletic career and can propel them past expectations. 

Master athletes benefit from strength and conditioning programs designed specifically for them through both improved performance and increased longevity as an athlete.  Athletes working with our certified strength and conditioning specialist will receive custom training programs specific to the sports that they play, helping them become more athletic and understand how to be more of an impact player.

Our trainers also keep injury prevention in mind when designing programs for our athletes, identifying risk factors involved with the sports an athlete competes in and where their current strength abilities are.

Surgical Prehabilitation

Orthopedic and joint replacement surgery require a detailed plan and a portion of this plan is the rehabilitation process.

Traditionally this process happens after the surgery, but having an exercise plan prior to an orthopedic surgery can play a role in how well, and how quickly someone can recover from the surgical process.

We provide clients with a detailed PREhab exercise program that targets strengthening of the areas involved with their procedure, as well as identifying other factors that we can address to help the post surgery rehab go smoothly. They improve the patient’s ability to function during rehabilitation, including the use of crutches and performing activities of daily living until they are completely recovered. 

These exercise programs are scaled to a person’s ability with the end goal of getting the client stronger than they already were leading up to the surgery.


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